This hands-on workshop is related to the Cloud-Native-Starter hands-on workshop Build a Java Microservice and deploy the Microservice to Kubernetes on IBM Cloud

In this workshop you automate the deployment steps of Lab 4 - Deploy to Kubernetes in the hands-on workshop. The Authors Microservice will be automated deployed to a free Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud.

Estimated time and level



one hour



After you complete this workshop, you'll understand the toolchain automation to deploy the authors microservice.

  • Build the container for the authors microservice

  • Save the container in the IBM Cloud Registry

  • Deploy the authors microservice to the free Kubernetes cluster on IBM Cloud

In the following image you get an overview deployment of the authors microserviceto to a free IBM Cloud Kubernetes Cluster.

Overview of the Authors Microservice deployment

About this workshop

The introductory page of the workshop is broken down into the following sections:


These are the labs of this workshop, go through all of them in sequence, start with lab 1:

Lab 1

Register for IBM Cloud

Lab 2

Insert feature code

Lab 3

Create a free Kubernetes cluster

Lab 4

Configure the IBM Cloud Container Registry

Lab 5

Deploy the Microservice with the IBM Cloud toolchain

Lab 6

Use the created toolchain

Lab 7

Verify the deployed authors microservice


This workshop has been tested on the following platforms:

Technology Used